John Tyson, aka「capsaicin」 / 「カプサイシン」, is a live visualist, electronic musician, avant-garde filmmaker, fine art photographer, and gallery installation artist. Inspired by ambient, industrial, 90’s trip hop, noise, and video game soundtracks, Capsaicin DJ sets display an eclectic taste for complex techno and house rhythms inter-woven with concepts from his personal production catalogue. His career in the arts traces back to early experiments in sound and video while on high school stage crews and later while studying film and experimental media production at Emerson College in Boston. Opportunities to work with the Motion Graphics Festival (MGFest) and with the Boston Underground Film Festival provided opportunities to experiment collaborating the audio and visual experience. Currently residing at home in Washington, DC completing the seamless audiovisual EP and tour entitled 花吹雪 (“Hana Fubuki,” flowers in freefall) which premieres in 2016.  He is also the label manager of Jade Anvil Collective.